Distortions EP

by KinKai

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Ingrid Petres
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Ingrid Petres llllooooveeee.... listen and you'll know... beats and lyrics flow. favorite tracks are Roses to a Mermaid, and Distortions Favorite track: Distortions.
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mijo Deep & dope. This is the kind of hip-hop i was looking for a long time. Favorite track: Distortions.
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released December 10, 2015

Producers: Ephrem x Shxngo x Orion Anarkis of HardJazz7 x 181h



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LousyLyrics Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Woosah (Intro)
All Of This ,
All Of This Can Help Me Free My Mind
When I'm All Alone
I Use My Thoughts and I Just Wade Through Time

I'm a Mutant That Will Hate Just To Hate
Though I Try And Stay Cooler
Inhale Exhale

Woosah x 4

Bucky Barnes With A Metal Arm
RZA's Iron Fist, Sword Of A Megatron
Pineal Power Sharp Enough I Dissect a Con
Pain is a Chess Gambit, If You Get It

The Thing Is I'm A Little Hard Headed
Invisible Like Your Dreams Once I'm In Your Mind I Stretch It
Fantastic For Ya
Imaginations More Important Than Knowledge
Well Thats What A Human Torture?
Track Name: The Fallback
Mumbles on Monogamy
Track Name: The Piece (Interlude)
'Down In My Moscato
I'm Pessimistic For Tomorrow
Mind Full Of Dreams That Are Hollow
Lending Pounds From My Peeps
To Compete For The Lotto
So a Jhene Aiko Could Be My Ono
Stray Slave On Pedolo's
Still Chain Different Lanes That I Zorro
Still Kin Add a G If You Want To
I Know They Say, I Cast All Of My Thoughts
With Distorted Talks Yet I'm High Of The Mono'

Thats The Piece To Make You Wanna Get Down x 6
Track Name: Distortions
My Brain Distorted Trying To Figure It's Importance
In My Dreams I'm Driving Porsches Reality Don't Applaud It
Can't Afford It
Some Of These Women Want Me For Rest But The Western Is Lawless
And The World Wants Me Moreish
Now I Could Forfeit, ‘With A Well At Least I Tried Face’
Facing My Days Wasting Away In A Suit And Tie Place
My Mind State Wants Me Well Out Of The Office
With The Ball In My Court
I'm Djokovic On A Tie Brake And My Fate
As It Seems Is Placed Within My Palms
Staring At The Ceiling Hoping Inspiration Sparks
My Arts No Pseudo It's Got Colorful Marks
But They Won't Let A Lad In Like A Nigga Faced Jaffar
My Thoughts The Art
I Try And Keep It On A Humble
But Emotions Are Like Stones When Through It In Puddles
Sometimes You Might Find Me On A Different Wave
Surfing In My Sleep Paralysis Until My Catalyst

I Write Lines Then I Escape X Repeat

Found Myself Cocoa Butter Cuddled Up
Body On This Bubble Butt
Who Said That I Could Fall In Lust Forever
Short An Sweet Like A Sugar Rush
Light Skinned D Cupped Sexy As She's Strutting In My Sweater
From The TNT (Trinidad & Tobago) Her Phone Was Blowing Up
Fascades From All As I Carpet My Flaws
But Two Hard Heads Helmet To Form Defences ,
Relationships Sink From Titanical Tenses
From Heavenly Senses To Fuse Nicking My Energy
Amenity In Melodies Her Remody Is Lsd
Metaphorically She's A Hippy After Piece
I Let Her Free, How They Say ‘Cut Your Peach’
But Later I Might Find Myself Beneath Her
A Fly Bonita Ticks Every Box Just Like A Nike Sneaker
My Isms Deeper Then Some Jungle Fever,
Im Light Headed Like Inhaling The Shisha
For Black Or An Inbetweener

The Change Pace Tell The Story Later
But For Now He's In A Manger Thinking Of The Ips
And How To Get The Paper,
Mature Nature Need The Cheddar Greater
So He Tells A Hater Save His Load For
The Standard Gamer Out Of Favour
He Dream Cast A Lot Without A Sega,He's No Player
To Get The K You'd Need About 1000 Capers ,
Bitten In To The Sinner Man's Vitamin
Flow Sixteen’s For 16 And He's Killing Em
Ain't Aligned The Ducks And Got To Stepping ,
Got To Get Out Fight The World Like It's Tekken
A Style For Your Style When You Stepping
Take Notes Im About to Change My World No Check In When I'm In Session
Like Learned Lessons , You'll Learn Lessons

Whats The Word X2

Distorted , Distorted All Night Long
I Just Wanna Sing My Song Tonight
Track Name: We See We (The Most Blunt)
If It Was Easy
We'd Be Breaking Noose ,
Not Just Another N**** Thats Tryna Run Freely
Not In Our Right Mind
Claiming That We Fine Other Wise We'd Be
Not Looking In the Mirror For Faults
Hating others Because Of What We See
If It Was Easy

I Used To Watch The TV Too Much

Snuck A Super Fly,
Razor Cut Me Out Of This Devils Cobra Clutch
I Can't Get Enough
Hey Arnold I Was Gerald With 33 Lay Upon My Top
Pippins A Boss
I Played Jordan On The Park
Way Before My Brother Said He's Getting Off
As A Junior I Watched
My Step (Wayan) In My Mum
My Wife And Kids Will Never Suffer Like Us

In Debt While I
Bought A Snapback, To Fit For Drama
They Said Money Is Not The Answer
Ironic That We Need It To Ride Or Die
Oh My Oh My

Confusion In Reality
Leads Me To Escape,
One Day You'll Probably See Me Without A Fantasy
Or With A Fantasy
I'm Lusting My Love But Not Loving My Lust

If It Was Easy
We'd Be Breaking Noose ,
Not Just Another N**** Thats Tryna Run Freely
Not In Our Right Mind
Claiming That We Fine Other Wise We'd Be
Not Looking In the Mirror For Faults
Hating others Because Of What We See
If It Was Easy

I Turned The Radio Off
Like Water For Choc, Train Of Thought Used To Come Out The Box
I Can't Get Enough
Mighty Mos , In My System, Way Before DMX Started Slipping
Now I Play The Madvillain No Love
Whine Inside A Chick,
Take A Night To Shift Her Ribs And Tell Her What She Whats To Think
Then I Fuck Then Fuck Off
Internationally I Hit For Them Holidays I Missed
My Cultural Experience

I'm Still Tryna Be Boobie (Miles) Though
Boo Can Soup Me Slow , Never Loose My Soul,
Even Go At Goats, You'll Never Know, Easy Easy Though
It Ain't Easy Though, Tryna Go Broke To Arsenio, You'll Never Know

I'm Dillinger With Diligence, In A Fountain Of Brilliance With My Shadow For Me To See
If It Was Easy
Then I'd Remember Me.
Track Name: GetAway (Outro)
Vibes Created Keeps It Amazing
Shake Out The Truth Like A Church Faint
Giving Vivid Images From The Pure Paint
I Wonder How Long He Could Endure Pain ,
Unaffected By Your Taint, Say It
Been A N**** Since The School Days Vision The
Black All Surrounded So Became A Good Listener
Observant Plus Tight With The Literature
But He’s Bilingual Because He’s Better With The N***Ture
Outspoken, Doubt You’ll Ever Hear It
Outspoken By His Whole Family And Peers Shit,
Big Shoulders So That’s The Where The World Sits
Not That A Dark Hershey Was His First Kiss,
His First Trip, Got Lost And Had To Find The Dope Flows Posed By Soulaquarian Rhymers
Then Honed The Art So He Could Redesign The, Trait Of The Fam Who Do Little Like Eliza
The Innocence Was Evanescence Since He Was The Young Brought Up In A Fatherless Predicament
Who Knows Why His Own Father Wasn’t Feeling Him
But Judge Not See There Was A Gideon For Midian
Thoughts Mind Bending What They Wanted Never Bending In
Became Hip Hop And See It On The Emblem
Back To The Story, He Grew Up In A 3
Sibling The Middling Do Growing Up Was Kind Of Deep
Older Brother Going Wild So To Him He Couldn’t Speak,
Younger Tryna Be A G, It Was Deffo Jealousy Before,
Any Nigga Tends To Blow Up , Got To Reach The Bottom Just To Go Up
Zip The Coat Up,
Get Away And Lock And Load Up And Never Hold Up
Get Away

He Rolls Alone And The Ambience Is Evident,
Within His Sentient You Could See It As A Detriment
The Cools The Hot Find Him In A Dojo Sipping Peppermint
Kicking It With Nobody Like A Skeleton
Trust People Like Moods Of Bipolars
Got To Shake Your Hand That’s Before He Gets To Know Ya
Some Peeps Want The Same Makings,
They’ll Drop You In Like Weighed In
But Don’t Fit The Shoe, If Its Got Holes In ( Break It Down)
To Get The Gold You Got To Walk The Path That’s Chosen (Say It Loud)
Another Rap Song For You To Zone In, I Guess He Put His Soul In

He Chuckle Brothers From Me To You
You To Me , Lets Keep It Cool
Where You Don’t Wanna Stay
Gotta Get A Vibe, And Get Away